5 Ways To Make Money Online As A College Student

5 Ways To Make Money Online As A College Student

The growth of Economies is directly proportional to the level of production. It is therefore important that everybody produces in one way or another. As a college student, it is important to consider ways in which you can be productive. With the advent of technology, more opportunities to make money online have emerged. Taking up these opportunities help one make some extra money for their daily needs. This is in addition to boosting the economy.

Below I explore the top five ways in which to make money
online as a college student.

#1. Make Sales

There are many online platforms through which you can sell your products. If you are a skilled seller then maximize on this opportunity. For example, websites like Amazon can give you an alternative place to sell your textbooks. On Amazon, you can sell both new and old books. Thus, making some money. In addition to selling products, you can also make videos of certain subjects that you are good at and sell them at Udemy. All you need to do is signup, record a video, upload it and then wait for somebody to purchase it.

#2. Become a freelancer

Are you a good writer or highly skilled in a certain discipline?
Well, this is for you. As a freelancer, you can make a lot of money online. Some of the jobs available include designing websites, writing articles, essays among other tasks. All you need to do is sign up at a freelancing website such as Up work. Once you are accepted, start bidding for jobs. If you are lucky and skilled you can make over $100 a month. This kind of job, however, needs attention to detail, excellence, and patience.

#3. Fill online Surveys

Online surveys are still very operational today. They are basically used to collect customer feedback on products of various companies. These companies then will know how well their products are known and how to improve them. Sign up for an authentic online survey platform such as Survey Savvy. All that is required is for you to sign up, complete the survey and then get paid. Although the pay is little it is worth something as the job required is minimal. Complete as many surveys as can you find.

#4. Become a virtual assistant

Some companies prefer a virtual assistant to do minimal tasks for them rather than hiring a physician assistant. This is because it saves on office space and other costs such as retirement benefits. Take advantage of this opportunity and get hired as a virtual assistant. You can choose your working hours and hence spare time for study. As a virtual assistant, your job will mainly be writing emails, arranging meetings and other minimal jobs. The pay is really good and you can always negotiate for better wages.

#5. Start a blog

With the emergence of websites such as WordPress, it has become extremely easy to set up your own blog. Alternatively, you can pay up somebody to design it for you. This should not be expensive. Once you have your blog up and running, blog about the things you like that can attract an audience. With the right traffic, approach companies and ask to advertise their products and services. With time you will be able to earn a good amount of money from it. You can also sell your own products on your blog. In addition, you can put up affiliate links through Google Ad Sense on your page. This can lead a customer to purchase a product. You will be paid a small commission for every successful purchase through your affiliate link.

These are just some of the ways to make money online as a college student. There are many other ways which you can find by carrying out an extensive research. Hard work, patience, honesty, and dedication will surely make you succeed online.

Top 7 Ways To Make Money Online As A Teen

Top 7 Ways To Make Money Online As A Teen

Are you a teenager looking for ways that you can make a few extra dollars through online sites? Most people have not come to the realization that there is a lot of potential in making money through online sites. At the comfort of your own home, you can subscribe to sites that allow you to make money by completing specified tasks. Whether it is betting or filling online surveys, with consistency you can make a lot of money online. However, you should also keep the safety of your personally identifiable information and don’t just fill out registration forms that are too personal, you will be even risking your life.

Best 7 Ways To Make Money Online As A Teen:

#1. Advertising on your website

Selling advertising spaces on your websites and personal blogs. For 1000 ad impressions you are paid one dollar. To get a 1000 ad impressions, you have to have 100 active users viewing your website for around 8-10 minutes. Through Adsense, you can show advertisements on your websites for a charge. When the advertisement is viewed you are paid. When it is clicked, you are paid even more money. With time, you can have plenty of cash from just selling advertisement spaces.

#2. Searching the Internet

Get paid to make for searching stuff over the internet. When you register sites like Qmee.com, you are paid to just search for stuff in your browser. When you search for information, the Qmee download add-on embeds the result of the search with a few advertisements. Hence you will get money for just searching.

#3. Conducting online surveys

You can get a few dollars by conducting online surveys. You just have to register with the survey sites and for every survey you will earn about 2-3 dollars. The following sites offer online surveys: Toluna, Vivatic, Ipoll, SpeakUp, Ipsos, OutPost, Mind mover, Mysurvey, etc) All you have to do is take your time and provide responsive and helpful information the survey forms to increase originality.

#4. Reviewing apps and websites

Usertesting.com pays ten dollars for reviewing an android application or a website. You have to register as a tester at their website and provide genuine feedback about the interactivity of the website. You have to show the developers what makes it hard for you to navigate through the site and things they can do to improve their website or app.

#5. Playing games and completing micro-jobs

Swagbucks allows users to register and play games, answer short review questions and do micro-jobs to earn cash. Teens can use their free gaming time to play swag bucks games to earn money.

#6. Develop android games

If you develop android games, you can make a lot of money online by selling the game in Google play store or the App store and make money. If people view advertisement banners, interstitial or videos from your app, you can make a lot of cash. Angry birds mobile game makes a revenue of 1000,000$ dollars monthly from advertisements, in-app purchases and premium downloads.

#7. Writing articles

Teenagers can also make money by writing articles for blogs and SEO content in sites such as iwriter.com. For a standard account, a 500-word count article pays 2.43 dollars. Several articles were written and you are way past $10 and adding.

There is a lot of potential in online money making. One has to always be consistent and be very hardworking. Soon your online work will earn you a lot of cash.

Top 5 Online Money Making Ways Without Investment 

Top 5 Online Money Making Ways without Investment 

Given the current hard times and daily economic crunch, individuals have been pushed into a corner by the economic tough times. Thanks to the internet propagation, since these challenges have found a fix for the interested individuals.

This article is going to bring to the light various genuine ways that one can embrace in order to make money online. There are more than five ways to make money online. In this, one needs to be rich in creativity as this will bring in more opportunities into your mind to help you wade through the idea of making money at your own convenience.

Also, you need to understand that despite the fact that there are reliable ways of making money online, you need to be aware of scam sites intended to dupe you. Therefore it is highly important to be aware of the type of jobs that will enable you to achieve your goals of making money online. With all the liberty at stake, the following includes five best ways to make money online


Several writing experts and professionals have turned to the internet to sell their skills. If you’re really gifted in writing interesting, high quality, plagiarism free contents and academic papers, then this can be a great deal for you. Proficient coders and language programmers are also capable of earning something worthy. Anyone can sign up on these freelancing sites freely and be able to secure a job within the same day. Some of them include; Elance.com, Digital point forums, ifreelance.com, Guru.com. As your reputation grows because of your well-written content and academic papers more and more clients will entrust you with their work that you will bid for, assuring you more money.

Web Design and Advertising

Apart from making money as a freelance writer, you can also be a webmaster. This can be done by creating your own website or hire someone and do the work for you. Once you acquire, you need to make it more popular using interesting topics to attract more traffic. Ensure to make use of the services of the bidvertiser and AdSense for clicks to make money through your website. You can also go an extra mile of posting products that you may want to sell off which are downloadable on your website.

Affiliate Marketing

This is another favorite way of making money. In this method, you need to put up some write-ups concerning products from other organizations such as ebooks and other known products that you would like to market. It is easy, all you need to do is create a merchant account and begin earning money. It’s worth noting that different companies reward varied amount of commission, it is also important to choose a product that will really make marketing worthy it. If the products are purchased, you will most likely earn a commission of the sales amount.


Blogging can also be a fantastic strategy of making money online. There are a number of websites that will allow you to run a blog freely from their site. Since blogs come already pre-designed, your coding knowledge is not important in this matter. Just find a topic that will command attractiveness to you and others and begin putting up posts regarding subject on your blog on daily basis. Once you acquire sufficient traffickers to your blog, insert contextual advertisement code programs such as AdSense, Ads, Bidvertiser, Chitika, and WidgetBucks to begin the money-making activity.


There are business expansion deals that offer the best opportunity to telecommute. They are no-go easy to get, but once you land on one the benefits can be resounding. This gives an opportunity to save your money and time for most important expenses. On your favor, no wardrobe, no parking, no gas or anybody will be at your neck. You will be flexible working from your home as most of the companies do not tolerate any background noise. You will also be necessitated to provide your own crucial equipment such as a computer, internet, and mobile phone service.

With the daily evolution of the internet, opportunities to effect making money from home are evolving on daily basis. If you really want to work at your comfort and own convenience, online job operations can be a great deal.