Top 7 Ways To Make Money Online As A Teen

Are you a teenager looking for ways that you can make a few extra dollars through online sites? Most people have not come to the realization that there is a lot of potential in making money through online sites. At the comfort of your own home, you can subscribe to sites that allow you to make money by completing specified tasks. Whether it is betting or filling online surveys, with consistency you can make a lot of money online. However, you should also keep the safety of your personally identifiable information and don’t just fill out registration forms that are too personal, you will be even risking your life.

Best 7 Ways To Make Money Online As A Teen:

#1. Advertising on your website

Selling advertising spaces on your websites and personal blogs. For 1000 ad impressions you are paid one dollar. To get a 1000 ad impressions, you have to have 100 active users viewing your website for around 8-10 minutes. Through Adsense, you can show advertisements on your websites for a charge. When the advertisement is viewed you are paid. When it is clicked, you are paid even more money. With time, you can have plenty of cash from just selling advertisement spaces.

#2. Searching the Internet

Get paid to make for searching stuff over the internet. When you register sites like, you are paid to just search for stuff in your browser. When you search for information, the Qmee download add-on embeds the result of the search with a few advertisements. Hence you will get money for just searching.

#3. Conducting online surveys

You can get a few dollars by conducting online surveys. You just have to register with the survey sites and for every survey you will earn about 2-3 dollars. The following sites offer online surveys: Toluna, Vivatic, Ipoll, SpeakUp, Ipsos, OutPost, Mind mover, Mysurvey, etc) All you have to do is take your time and provide responsive and helpful information the survey forms to increase originality.

#4. Reviewing apps and websites pays ten dollars for reviewing an android application or a website. You have to register as a tester at their website and provide genuine feedback about the interactivity of the website. You have to show the developers what makes it hard for you to navigate through the site and things they can do to improve their website or app.

#5. Playing games and completing micro-jobs

Swagbucks allows users to register and play games, answer short review questions and do micro-jobs to earn cash. Teens can use their free gaming time to play swag bucks games to earn money.

#6. Develop android games

If you develop android games, you can make a lot of money online by selling the game in Google play store or the App store and make money. If people view advertisement banners, interstitial or videos from your app, you can make a lot of cash. Angry birds mobile game makes a revenue of 1000,000$ dollars monthly from advertisements, in-app purchases and premium downloads.

#7. Writing articles

Teenagers can also make money by writing articles for blogs and SEO content in sites such as For a standard account, a 500-word count article pays 2.43 dollars. Several articles were written and you are way past $10 and adding.

There is a lot of potential in online money making. One has to always be consistent and be very hardworking. Soon your online work will earn you a lot of cash.